“Keep up with that bus, Jude.  I’m checking my emails.”

Perhaps the most random thing I’ve said in a while, but something that was perfectly true.  On the way through to tonight’s game in Dunfermline, I spotted a bus that boasted it had Free Wi-Fi.  And when I scanned for a network on my iPhone, sure enough, the bus was there.

First impressions of East End Park — nice bridies.

First impressions after my first away game of the season is that my stinking jinx continues.  I think that’s now 0 wins out of 14.  It’s a shame coz the boys did well tonight and I think we gave our higher division opponents a scare.  Certainly our McKeown gave their Bayne a fright when he went in with both feet in a tackle that at best could be described as ill-judged and at worst could be common assault.

On a plus side, that brings the total number of different grounds to 9 and a cumulative distance travelled of 710 miles.  These stats will keep me happy while other teams progress in the League Cup.