If you’re looking for the Gavin Broom who’s a cross-country runner or the one who plays brass instruments, you might want to back up. That said, I’m sure I’ve got a horn around here somewhere …

If you’re still here, I can only assume that you’re looking for the Gavin Broom who’s a thirty-something writer from Falkirk and sometime Management Information Analyst who now finds himself in Michigan doing some Process Management Analysis. If not, why exactly are you here?

On these pages you’ll find out what I think about some movies that I’ve gone to see and news of short story and poetry successes. And probably rejections.

Yes. It’s all about me.

9 Responses to “About”

  1. Rimutele Says:

    Well, seems your profile gave me impressions about your exciting personality. Good luck to you on writing stories and of course your XBOX.
    Kind Regards from Writersdock

  2. Fin Says:

    Gavster, long time since I contacted you, eventually found ya. Wasn’t tricky, Google’s worked a charm as ever.

    Be great to catch up mate but didn’t want to guess your addy at work and send an unsolicited mail.

    Hope this finds you well, if you get a chance mail me, be great to hear from you.

    Take care old friend,


  3. Ian R Says:

    Can’t help it. It’s either internet stalking or writing letters to the Editor.

  4. Lexia Says:

    Got your address from Julie – she also sent me a copy of the Alloa writers mag. Some good stuff in there.
    My partner Stewart is an artist and I am the so called writer in this duo. Like you and Julie only the other way round.

    see Stewart’s work at http://www.splattart.web.live.com

    1. Gav Says:

      Hi Lexia — considering it’s a small group, I’m pretty pleased with how the wee mag turns out. What sort of stuff do you write? Anything online I could have a read of? (The link doesn’t seem to work, btw)

  5. Hi Gav,

    came across your website while perusing for the Pittenweem Arts Festival. I notice you had reviewed a few last year and wondered if you wanted to have a look into our “other job” – http://www.pitenweempottery.com We are outside of Pittenweem on the road to the Cheese Farm (of which I might add my lovely daughter is the chef up there!) – and we have a small pottery and art gallery – but this year are having 10 artists in a marquee also – so worth popping in.

    1. Gav Says:

      Nice one, Maggie. We’ll see you at some point next week. And I’ve been looking forward to the black pudding at the Cheese Farm for a year!

  6. alangillespie Says:

    Hi Gavin – couldn’t figure out how to reply to your message! Submishmash defeats me. I’m delighted you liked the story and yes I confirm the rights are available etc. Feel free to make edits. Drop me a mail if you need anything else.

  7. Gavin, beautiful poem on Everyday Poets today.
    I have commented and tried to give it 5 stars – but it would only allow me to give 3.7 !


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