candy-hearts-1-600There are some writers who insist that picking their own favourite short story or poem is like picking a favourite child and they flat out refuse to do it. Well, She Had A Thing About Hearts — which is published today in Northwords Now — is my own favourite poem. So there.

It was written, pretty much as is, over a lunch hour in November 2012 and just like The Proper Name for Killing Birds, its title presented itself before the actual idea, this time by about a week or so. There are probably a couple of ways the poem can be interpreted, both of them meaningful to me. It’s my first piece of work that was written, submitted, accepted and published all post-move.

And I’m very happy it has found such an excellent home. Northwords Now is published and distributed all over Scotland, particularly in the Highlands. It’s one of the few markets I know that publishes work in Gaelic. For those who prefer to read imaginary ink, it’s also available on Kindle or PDF. Chris Powici, its editor, tutored at Stirling Writers Group a few times before I left. SWG attracts some wonderful tutors and Chris is no exception. He helped transform two of my earlier poems, one of which — Black Friday at Westfarms Mall — has since been published in the Ranfurly Review. He has a fantastic eye for detail so it’s a real highlight of my poetry “career” to have my words, probably written while I had mustard and/or mayo congealing in my beard, appear in his fine journal.

If you don’t happen to live in the Highlands of Scotland (or if you do and you can’t be bothered going out) you can read the current issue of Northwords Now and my poem by clicking on this link: