Well, they said it couldn’t be done. Actually, that’s not true. In reality, they were all very supportive. Anyway. Three days. Three new publications. Whichever way you look at it, it’s uncommonly decadent and reason, were it ever needed, to break out the Ferrero Rocher and Um Bongo.

My short story — The Proper Name for Killing Birds — went live on Everyday Fiction this morning. The more observant among you, my reading several, will notice some similarities between this publication and the one mentioned yesterday. Good for you.

It’s a story about that moment when you realize that time has moved on, that life has taken a bit of a growth spurt without telling you. It was written in April of 2012 during a time when I was in immigration limbo, waiting for a visa that would kick-start a new life. I had plenty of time on my hands — too much time, really — to reflect on my thirtysomething years in Scotland so perhaps that’s how this story came about.

It’s also an example of something I do quite often, which is come up with a title first and then wait to apply a fitting story or poem later. This one had been hanging around for a couple of months on my Titles I Should Really Use At Some Point list. There are some that have been there for years. When, oh when, will I ever find a story to fit Jobby Jenkins and the Miracle at the Four Sisters?

Unless there’s a remarkable development today, there’ll be a few weeks before my next publication is out, so why don’t you go have a read of this one, leave a comment and rank the story out of five? I’m all about validation. Here’s the link: