Just a brief foray into the Festival today as Julie had a workshop and I had a film to watch on my phone in the car park while I waited for her. However, it wasn’t a day without cultural delights.

97. Hendry. Steven Hendry’s exhibition is perhaps the best publicised of the whole Festival with the heftiest advertising behind it, so quite how it took four days for us to find it, I’m not quite sure. I am, however, very glad I did. Hendry’s work is staggeringly, achingly beautiful. A lot of it, though, isn’t particularly easy to look at, as the example perhaps shows. These are scenes from a blank planet. Nude women with guns. Nude men in gravitational struggles. They all combine to provide a very affecting collection that I found quite difficult to detach myself from. I absolutely loved it. More of Hendry’s work can be seen here.

The highlight of the day was going out for a meal to The Seafood Restaurant in St Monan’s with our wonderful friends, Laura and Emma. I still feel rather guilty for having foie gras but it was delicious and I managed not to think about exploding geese too much. Thanks to L&E for making it such an excellent night. Look forward to The Fisherman’s Rest in a couple of weeks.