It’s been a few days since I last posted about workplace signage.

For those wondering why there seem to be so many security related signs at my work, let me explain.

The big building I work in used to belong to one company. Recently (actually, almost two years ago) approximately half was sold off and now certain areas are restricted and passage through departments requires appropriate security clearance. It’s all a bit like 24.

This new security sign is perhaps my favourite of the recent batch, not just for the badly worded instructions, but for the fact that it’s fixed to the door by two of the measliest pieces of brown packaging tape ever featured on these pages.

Now ideally, in a fancy FTSE company, you’d think the installation of a security pass swipe machine at a door would be sufficient tip-off to the need for accompanying, corporately approved signage. But no, we seem content to let members of staff dream up their own wordy solutions and I suspect as long as we keep brown packaging tape in the supplies cupboard, elaborate efforts like this will always be possible while clear, simple notices like SECURED ENTRANCE will be avoided.

There are two key words here: YOUR and NEEDED. Seemingly, this door will point blank refuse to open unless I give it my security pass; like my pass is the one missing for it to quench its thirst for appropriate security clearance. Charity, it seems, begins at this door.