Ok. Do NOT watch this video if you are sheepish about cartoon violence or eleven-year-old girls swearing. And this is big boy’s swearing. She says the eff word. And she intimates that she will see you next Tuesday.

Seriously. If swearing offends you, don’t click play.

First up, Kick-Ass looks like it might be the most aptly-named film ever made, but it raises an interesting question: kids and swearing … is it okay?

I remember watching The Last Boy Scout and being a bit disturbed by the little girl (Danielle Harris) who essentially told her dad to go fuck himself. Several times. I also remember Barry Norman being similarly disturbed. Danielle Harris, incidentally, went on to star in the Rob Zombie Halloween remakes, so … greater evil questions are already abound.

Despite the upping of profanity-stakes here, I’m less disturbed.

Maybe because almost twenty years have passed since I first saw that young Sweary Mary on screen. But maybe it’s because swearing isn’t the most shocking thing in the clip. I mean, she kills a dozen people here … quite explicitly, quite deliberately, quite gleefully. And then she says cunt.

Which is the worst? Well, I guess she didn’t really kill a dozen people and she really did say the words that tripped over her lips.

If nothing else, this trailer sets out in explicit clarity that it’s still possible to be shocked and that simple truth, in days when the internet serves up so many truly grotesque and frightening images, is a good thing.

Plus, I’m totally looking forward to the movie!