After a wait of around a week, the first copy of my short story and poetry anthology — A Documentary About Sharks — was force fed through my letterbox by a postie who must’ve thought my doorbell was going to give him an electric shock.

I’m pleased to report that it survived in tact and, even if I say so myself, looks pretty damned scrummy.

Within its 94 pages are all twenty of the short stories and poems I had published during 2009. These include the eponymous Documentary, The Spirit of Shackleton, The Last Red Light in the Valley and few that I wrote so long ago it was like reading something for the first time.

At the moment, the book is available from, where the physical, smashing, hard copy paperback can be purchased for £6.95 (excluding P&P) here. As a new-age, 21st Century alternative, a digital version can be delivered instantaneously over the ether for a mere £3.00 here. The benefits of this latter method being a) it’s cheaper and b) the nervous postie doesn’t need to get involved. and other online outlines will get in on the act in due course.

I’m not used to such shameless acts of self-promotion so I’ll keep this brief. Buy my book.