I didn’t like Twilight. Either the book or the movie. I found both terribly repetative and dull. So it was with some trepidation that I went along to see the second movie in the series, New Moon, tonight.

Putting my cards on the table straight away, I didn’t hate it and I don’t think it’s the worst movie ever made, which was a serious concern as the lights went down, but in the minutes since the movie finished, I’ve been trying to put my finger on what exactly I didn’t like about it.

I didn’t mind Robert Pattinson. In fact, I thought he was pretty good. No surprise there, as he was also pretty good in the first movie. He does an excellent American accent and even manages to laugh and sigh convincingly. So even though he whispers a bit too much for my liking, he’s off the hook.

I didn’t mind Taylor Lautner and his ridiculously buff torso that dominated large sections of the movie. I fully expect him to win a WWE belt before he picks up an Oscar, but he was a more than decent support and that big, thick neck of his scored highly from a curiosity point of view. Even if none of this was the case, his character of Jacob is also more interesting than Edward so on that controversial note, he’s off the hook.

I didn’t mind how it was shot. The movie is lovely to look at and the drained palette that’s used in the Forks sections gives it a detached, disaffected, grungy feel which was an interest in itself and worked even more retrospectively when the contrast of a vibrant, primary-coloured Italy pops up towards the end. It’s like when the colour kicks in during Wizard of Oz. Cinematographer is off the hook.

And I didn’t even mind the terrible CGI wolves. Honestly, the first time one appears, I wasn’t sure if it was an alsation, Bungle Boggs from Rainbow or a beefed-up Ewok. They get better as the movie progresses so amnesty on the stupid Ewok things.

It’s her. It’s Kristen Stewart who plays Bella. She’s pretty enough without being distractingly so but she’s the problem and unfortunately she’s in pretty much every shot. I don’t think she’s a good actress. I didn’t find her engaging, sympathetic or believable and, if anything, I found her a bit of a relentless sour puss. I had the same problem with her in the first movie and, to some extent, her character in general in the book so some of this problem is shared with the source material, I’m sure, but apart from one excellent scene where a camera revolves round her as the months roll by, she just didn’t sell it to me and I’m starting to reach for adjectives like repetative and dull again. I mean, Alan Rickman has been miserable for most of his career, but he does it with a certain pinache.

And she sulks an awful lot. When she’s not sulking, she’s grumpy. And when it looks like she’s about to cheer up a bit — oops-a-daisy — she’s dumped again and it’s hello, Mrs Rainy Cloud. Credit where it’s due, though — she’s totally unflappable when people she’d previously assumed to be human turn out to be anything but. Vampires, check. Werewolves, no problem. In the eventual third movie, if she finds herself strangely drawn to the new guy at school who has inexplicably bandaged hands, I’m sure she’ll cope admirably when, at the dramatic end of the movie’s second act, he reveals himself to be a Mummy.

I fully appreciate I’m in a minority on this. The makers have thrown enough movie at the franchise that they must be happy with Ms Stewart in the role, the cinema was packed with people who were equally happy and the general consensus on the way out was that it was a favourable way to spend a couple of hours and they can’t wait to do it all again next year. I might just sulk in a corner and wait for the DVD.