So far, it’s been a quiet sort of year gig-wise, but even if it hadn’t been, it’s safe to say I’d be hard pushed to have seen anything any better than Brandi Carlile at the Garage in Glasgow this evening. She was wonderful and the 400 to 500 strong Glasgow crowd seemed to win a place in her heart thanks to their inability to listen to songs they like without joining in themselves.

It’s something that Barenaked Ladies enjoy and comment on every time they play the Barrowlands, and when Brandi invited everyone to join her in Turpentine, she had to quickly add, “Not that you guys need any encouragement.”

Highlights of the evening were an unplugged and unamplified rendition of How These Days Grow Long (or Dying Day), The Story (obviously) and Folsom Prison Blues which was as rowdy as Brandi promised. Her voice throughout was amazing and the passion she puts into her performance is something that filters through to the crowd and probably filters its way back. I know that we can all be guilty of assuming that performers think that our venue is better than any others, but it genuinely looked like she and the twins were having the time of their lives.IMG_0296

The intimacy of the Garage is really growing on me. At the furthest point away from the stage, it’s still close enough to identify individual beads of sweat. Sadly, though, not even that’s good enough for the iPhone’s camera, so apologies for the shoddiness of the image.

Surprise of the night was how good the support band — Kill It Kid — turned out to be. They list Fleet Foxes, Laura Marling and Beth Orton among their “if you like these guys, you might like us” list. I thought there were elements of Rusted Root and Nickel Creek in there, too, in their tightly arranged, poppy, bluesy, folksy rocky type tunes. The band had the aura of a bunch of school or uni pals playing together and I found it hugely endearing when they cleared their own gear from the stage and ended up flogging their own merch after the gig. I think it was the drummer who sold me their promo CD singles. They’re back in Glasgow in October, playing The Captain’s Rest. See you there.