A pleasant surprise this morning. I was doing my usual, obsessive compulsive checking and re-checking of sites and mags that are due to publish one of my stories or are in the process of thinking about rejecting one.

During this journey, I discovered that Random Acts of Writing has released their new issue. I’ve enthused about RAW before in terms of its look, its content and its ethos and the fact that it proved to be something of a template when designing the look of Trialling The Content.

So, my story — The Ghouls at the Four Sisters — appears in RAW’s issue 13. Apparently, Gemma Rutter’s story shares the theme of childhood in high-rise flats, which amuses me because in RAW 12, there were two stories that featured hornbills, and one of them was mine, too.

While reasonably pleasant and surprising, none of this is really the main pleasant surprise, though. The main pleasant surprise was the discovery that further down the RAW home page, after the contributor list and flanked on top and bottom by a deep block of black, was the opening paragraph from my story. It looks really smart and I thank whoever it was who thought that doing this was a good idea.

(apologies — I have no idea what the collective noun is for pleasant surprises, but gape seemed as good a choice as any)