Don’t let the bleary eyes, the stubble or the unbuttoned short fool you. Eric Joyce is actually a Labour Member of Parliament.

In the hours before the broadcast, one can imagine someone from the BBC’s Newsnight programme giving Mr Joyce’s office a phone, asking him for an interview and one can also imagine a brief outline of likely questions being handed over. Even if this wasn’t the case, some of those questions, it would be safe to assume, would be around those pesky expenses that have been getting so much airtime recently.

So why Mr Joyce thinks that an acceptable answer to the question, “How come you think it’s okay to charge the public purse for the artwork in your office?” is “Because they look nice,” or that, “Did you pay Capital Gains Tax on either property?” is deserving of the response, “What are you saying about my wife?” is anyone’s guess. But it does make for some entertaining, if uncomfortable, viewing to anyone not residing in Falkirk East.

UPDATE — Credit where it’s due, though, Mr Joyce responded to my Tweet on the above subject when it would be far easier to ignore. I’m very easy to ignore.