I can recite pi to 422 decimal places.

I’ll just put that out there and let it settle for a moment.

Up until a couple of years ago, I just knew it up to 10 decimal places. I know. Terribly inaccurate. Then, I noticed that the scientific calculator on Window$ had it up to 30 odd, so I spent half an hour tripling my knowledge. By the time I got up to 100 decimal places, I started to put the experience to good use and wrote a half-decent short story about it. By the time I finished writing Memorising Pi To 120 Decimal Places, I’d already chalked up 200.

I stopped at 500, mostly at the behest of my good lady and in the intervening time, I’ve forgotten 80, but 422 is still a hefty sequence to remember so I’ll try not to beat myself up about it too much.

Anyway, I discovered today that the advert is true and there literally is an App For Everything. You, yes you, can indeed, for 59p, download an app from iTunes where you see how many you can remember. Your attempts are timed and ranked and I can’t stop playing it.

Even before I get into this sentence I was already aware of its pointlessness, but if there’s anyone out there in my reading several interesting in joining me in my high geekdom, you can download the app here but you’ll need to supply the 59p yourself.

You have 422 and 245 seconds to beat. Get to it!