So, I mentioned rather briefly the other day, a little something called Trialling The Content. I’m now in a position to reveal a little more information.cover_0109

Trialling The Content is a small run magazine featuring work by Alloa Writers Group which launched yesterday. I’ve edited the first issue so any typos and whatnot are my fault. Apologies in advance.

Thanks to all those who’ve been involved in its production, either in a creative or advisory capacity.

It’s been quite a hectic business putting the whole thing together. There’s the content. There’s art work. There’s the print run. There’s choosing paper. There’s First British Serial Rights Agreements to be drafted up and signed. There’s organising people and words and when Alloa Writers only meet every couple of weeks, time runs out very quickly. There have been many times I’ve wished we’d plumped for a 1 July launch, although I suspect that would have led on to 1 August etc.

As someone far more intelligent than me said, distribution is everything, so I’m thrilled to be able to say that Trialling The Content will be available for free from every library in Clackmannanshire and will also be available from Toast, the café at the cinema in Stirling, The Card Shop and McFarlane’s in Alloa. It will also be popping up randomly throughout the Wee County.

I hope those of you who can get your hands on a copy will do so and I hope even further that you enjoy it. Steve, yours is in the post, ser. Nearly.