May’s turning into a busy old month in terms of soliciting short stories. A very short, 300ish word piece of mine — Spring Tide — has been accepted in Burst Fiction and will appear this coming Thursday. Don’t worry about marking it in your calendar. I’ll remind you at the time and if you eat all your greens, I’ll even throw in a link.

Everything in Burst Fiction is round about the 300 word mark and anything longer is broken up and serialised. The content is aimed to be read on mobile devices or on your ciggie break, and the whole zine has a very immediate feel about it. I’m proud to be involved in its early days.

So I’m batting .400 for May so far and with another 17 stories currently sitting on virtual slush piles scattered around the globe, I’m hoping I can slug out another few before the month’s out. That’s a baseball analogy, by the way.