Today, I get a little glimpse of what JK Rowling must feel when she hears Stephen Fry read out her words. Last summer I announced that Bound Off had bought my story — A Documentary About Sharks — and it was released this morning on and also in iTunes.

I’ve had a couple of stories in Bound Off before but this is the first one where someone other than me has narrated. The voice talent on the story is Vincent Louis Carrella and he does an excellent job, far better than I could do (and have done) myself, making it seem like I’m listening to someone else’s words, albeit ones that are eerily familiar.

As you must fully expect, I heartily encourage you to go to Bound Off, download the podcasts, listen to it and then send Mr Carrella an email to thank him from sparing you the task of listening to my Central Scotland mumblings.

I share the issue with Mel Bosworth whose story — Check Engine Light — is pretty cool, too and for some reason has a title that makes me feel a little odd. But then I have been listening to an awful lot of Death Cab For Cutie.