I only saw Faith No More once before they disbanded, having missed all of their record breaking 5 consecutive nights at Glasgow Barrowland in 1992. Five years later, it was clear during the Album of the Year tour, that they really did hate each other. No banter. No nonsense. Just an hour and a half of their unique fusions of metal / funk / rap / country / [insert other genres here] and then they buggered off. In the interim, beardy guitarist Jim Martin has gone on to find fame in other fields, growing as he did, the 235th largest pumpkin ever. No, really.

So it’s good to learn that they’ve either realised that it’s pointless to carry grudges or that their bank accounts could use a boost and they’ve rejoined to headline this year’s Download. I can only hope a UK tour will follow not too far behind and maybe they other members can coax Mr Martin away from his oversized vegetables.

During their lenghty hiatus, I’ve absorbed all things Patton. From experimental Mr. Bungle to comparatively poppy Peeping Tom to the largley inaccessible Fantômas. And then, on occasion, there are times when you just need, nay demand, two microphones and a gas mask, and for those times, there’s Tomahawk. Enjoy.