I’m thrilled that Jacqui Smith’s husband has knocked one out at the tax-payers expense. I hope he enjoyed it. Perhaps one day we’ll all get a chance to knock one out on him in return. For me, being a child of the 70s, the bigger shock is that he also sat through Ocean’s Thirteen … twice. A man of discerning taste, it would seem.

I would like a little clarity on the matter, though. Not too much, just a little. Are we getting the money back for all the films he watched, or just the pornos? Was the mistake having the nerve to claim back on the movies in general or was the mistake limited to Ms Smith giving her hubby the pin number for the parental lock?

Still, all’s well that ends well and we’re back to business as usual, which is important considering that in a non-nepotistic way, Mr Jacqui Smith is his wife’s parliamentary aide. It’s important for the confidence of the general public that the Home Secretary’s affairs are in safe, if somewhat hairy, hands.