I guess there’s something about most of the stories I write that means something to me. Usually, it’s a particularly nice bout of swearing. Sometimes, though, on occasions that should really be more frequent than they actually are, everything just falls into place, the cosmos aligns and the final full stop goes down on a story that just works. I know when it happens. I know when it doesn’t happen. Strangely, or not strangely at all, it tends to happen with stories that are written in a couple of hours in one sitting. It never happens on the pieces that take months to finish.

Anyway, one of those stories is called The Spirit of Shackleton and I’m tickled to a healthy rose hue to announce that it’ll appear in the May edition of Menda City Review, going live on the 9th (I think).

MCR is one of my very favourite online magazines. Check it out and tell them how great they are.

Expect reminders nearer the launch date.