One of the things I enjoy most about the various iPods I have scattered around the house is using them to listen to audiobooks. There’s something rather pleasant about being read to, perhaps a rather obvious connection to our youth, childhood etc. You get to a certain age and the only things likely to be read to you are your rights. If you’re lucky.

Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter books is a joy. James Van Der Beek’s reading of Lunar Park was surprisingly good, as was George Guidall’s performance of American Gods.

The downside is, audiobooks are rather expensive, so it was this thought that took me to eBay and started a hunt for a cheap Bret Easton Ellis audiobook — perhaps Rules of Attraction, if such a thing exists.

But rather thatn finding a cheap Bret Easton Ellis audiobook, I found an expensive Bret Easton Ellis hardback. A seller was looking for £221 for their first edition, second impression of the UK hardback version of American Psycho. It was in good nick, too. Only slight discolouring of the pages and slight bumping to the dust jacket. In fact, it looked almost as good as the first edition, first impression copy I have on my bookshelf.

img_0208I only bought it because I lost my paperback copy, but it would seem that the £10 I paid for it in 1998 has produced something like a 2000% return in the 11 years hence. And it that isn’t a woot moment then I’ll have to look up woot in my urban dictionary. In fact, I might have to do that anyway.