For a brief spell in 2002/03, I was ahead of the game. Due to a series of unlikely events, I ended up writing book reviews for Blackwell’s online store and perks of this, along with a generous wad of book tokens, was getting advance copies of a couple of books. One was Things Snowball by Rich Hall, which I got in a kinda pre-production copy. Since then, I’ve been playing catch up.

This was further brought home in the last few days when I started to get into the band Nickel Creek. It’s hard to pigeon-hole them into a genre, but there’s pop, indie, bluegrass, folk all in the mix, which is all very handy when it comes to frustrating my mate Stoobs. That notwithstanding, largely, it’s a very pleasant mix.

But they’ve split up. Years ago. Super.

Anyway, here’s a live recording of them doing a cover of Britney’s Toxic. Great stuff.