I’m not talking to any of you.

Here we are, a couple of weeks into 2009 and I’ve checked through my emails on three different computers. I’ve checked my phone for a text message. BT CallMinder is quite deliberate when it tells me I have … no … messages waiting for me. The only unopened envelopes waiting for me are red and have originated from credit card companies.

So, in short, absolutely nothing from any of you telling me about how good Silversun Pickups are. I wouldn’t mind, but the album was released at the end of 2006! That’s two and a bit chuffing years ago.  Would it have killed you? I mean, I realise we all have busy lives, but I don’t expect War and Peace from any of you (except from you, Leo). A quick one-liner would’ve done; a quick sentence or two. “Oh, and by the way, Gav, you might want to check out Silversun Pickups when you get a minute. Yes, I know it’s a stupid name, but I think you’d like it.” That’s all it would’ve taken.

But no, I have to find out from a bloody computer game. And people wonder why society’s failing. We may point to an out of control youth or the economy or the bad example set by any number of racist royals. But here, regarding Silversun Pickups, is a point of failure I reckon future generations will look to, nod and muse, “They should’ve told Gav.”

You’re all too late.