I kinda wish that this had turned out to be a bit harder. But it didn’t.

That’s me done. I’ve finished.

It actually turned out to be 22,000 words in 11 days but I’m still happy that the overall word count is within 1,000 words of where I planned it to be. Happier still that I somehow managed to write 9,000 words today and some of them I’ve very happy with indeed.

So that’s it. The plan is now to stick it in a virtual drawer and forget about it until the New Year, at which point the rewrite begins.

But actually, before I do that, I’m going to get Lulu to make up a few copies. First of all, I find it easier spotting mistakes on paper but second, I want to give a copy to the people who’ve been kind enough to read the story as I’ve been writing and who have offered encouragement and support along the way.

I’m nice like that.