Well, it’s been a productive weekend and I’m starting to wish I’d given myself this goal months ago.

I’ve just made a start to Chapter 26, one that’s been looming big on the outline since I started the project last Spring.  This and Chapter 27 are firmly in beginning of the end territory. And today, I made a start to it, which feels like a very big deal.

Word Count now reads 81,632, so about 7k words in the last six days and 3.5k over the weekend.

All in all, pretty happy. This week’s going to be tough, though. I’ve got Writers’ Group on Monday, out for dinner on Tuesday, Death Cab For Cutie on Friday and Airbourne on Saturday. Not a lot of time for writing in all of that, so I’ll need to be a busy boy on Wednesday and Thursday.

Any ways I can cheat at this would be gratiously received.