So far, so good. Sort of.

Round about teatime on 3 November, I was 74,753 words and 23 chapters in.

Now, at bedtime on 6 November, I’m 78,102 words and 24 chapters in. And one of the words I’ve written over the last three days was “whorebag” so all in all, I’ve got to be happy.

The bummer out of it is I’ve realised I’ve miscounted the number of chapters still to do.  I thought it was seven. Turns out it’s eight. So 21,000 words was really 24,000 but seeing as I’ve written 3,000, it’s back down to 21,000 only it’s three days later.

I’m too tired to work out if this means I’m still on schedule. For the sake of argument, let’s just assume that I am.