Some news of a couple of my early short stories.  Both of these date back a couple of years.

If you happen to be in the Clackmannanshire area in November, you might want to see about picking up an anthology of stories and poems by local writers.  It’s called Unheard Voices and one of my stories — The Last House — will feature at some point between the front and back covers.  The story is a modern take on The Three Little Pigs but rather than porcine housing predicaments, it instead features geriatric eviction, B & Q Pensioners’ Day and comatosed offspring, all in a mere 1,000 words.

If you’re not going to be in Clackmannashire and are, instead, more likely to be found in the environs of Swindon in the not too distant future, you may well find another of my stories — Left or Right? — in the Samaritans magazine.  This one’s about a malfunctioning Sat-Nav system but don’t be fooled by the impish premise; it’s still reasonably depressing.

So my plan for world domination continues … unabated … I’m just keeping it really, really, local.

If you do pick up either publication, let me know.