When I plugged my iPhone in to charge this evening, it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to iPhone Software 2.0.  There was no “Hell, Yeah!” button, so I had to opt for a far more restrained, “Yes.”  I’ve managed to resist splashing out yet more money in Mr Jobs’ direction and the 3G will have to wait, but I was excited about a number of things available in the new release.  Apps, for a start.  I really want to play Super MonkeyBall.  Then there’s the ability to delete groups of emails.  And then, of course, there’s the new MobileMe that I’m looking forward to playing about with.

Apple, unfortunately, have other ideas.  For the last 50 minutes, after downloading the software, my iPhone’s been trying to connect to iTunes.  Problem is, a gazillion other iPhones and a gazillion other iPhone 3Gs are trying to do the same.  So it keeps on timing out.

Until my iPhone makes it through, a sperm to iTunes’ ova, I have a brick on my desk that will only be useful if I need to make an emergency call.  Swim, little iPhone.  God’s speed!