I say that, but I love Big Brother and despite my best efforts, I always get sucked into it.

This year’s selection of 16 freaks, geeks, social misfits and … well … vacuous slags of both genders, is a match for any of the previous line-ups.

From the couple of minutes or so we got to get to know them, I’m quite liking the blind dude, the chef dude and the crazy Thai woman who came on with tissue boxes on her feet and who actually said in her audition tape that she didn’t do ping pong shows.  Give it a week, love.

First to get the boot?  Dependent on any rubbish twists the producers throw in to ensure that volatile or entertaining people are kept it, I reckon Mario or the Paul Daniels looky likey will be first for the chop.

But the best thing about this year’s line up is that it’s almost impossible to imagine that we’ll remember any of these losers come September.  Here’s hoping anyway.