Simon Woodroffe, he of Dragon’s Den fame … not the most recent series, I’m talking back in Series One … maybe Series Two … look, you’d remember him, he was the guy with the sideburns who invented Yo! Sushi! or something, well Simon Woodroffe, right … he’s on Question Time on BBC1 just now, minus his facial accompaniments, and when talking about the 10p tax rate and deciding how to tax the rich while still maintaining enough enterprise to generate wealth, he said:

If you look across all the parks in the country, you won’t find a single statue to a committee.

And he’s right. And I think that’s wrong.

So, come on, everyone. Let’s put out thinking caps on and see if we can do something about this staggering statistic. Which committee would you like to see commemorated via the medium of sculpture in one of our nation’s parks? Perhaps the Public Accounts Select Committee gets your vote. Or who can ignore the fine work of the Arms Export Controls Committee (perhaps better known as the Quadripartite Committee). Please note, for the purposes of this unbuilt statue, quangos are ruled out.

Suggestions on a postcard to the usual address. Please mark your suggestions — “Woodroffe’s Sideys”.