I’ve been wondering why I hate Vernon Kay so much. Thanks to the wonderful age of technology in which we live, the internet was at hand to provide the reason. In fact, it was able to provide 49 reasons. And a bitch ain’t one. Or in this case, it is, because he’s quite pally with Chris Moyles, whose mobile phone address book must be a veritable Who’s Who of the hopeless and talentless.

So there we go. A round 50. Coincidentally, this is also the number of times half-man, half-hair, half-autocue Kay manages to blag his way into the nation’s conscience on a daily basis.

Anyway, this was all triggered by somehow managing to stumble upon this forum which actually features two posters who think Lenny Henry’s funny. Views on Paris Hilton are a little more polarised.

Cobford says:

Of course I also hate Paris Hilton…

While Scouse Soldier disagrees and counters with:

id shag paris hilton.

As ever, in the interests of balance, I’ll leave you to decide.