I’ve been a very patient boy. The countdown started at something like 200 sleeps, which was forever, but it managed to get down to about 50 sleeps before the man who controls the number of sleeps decided to up it back to around 180. Much swearing was done at that point. Much swearing at the man who controls the number of sleeps and much more swearing directed towards the stupid PS3 as it was the PS3 that made the man increase the count in the first place, on account of it being rubbish.

But now, after another eternity has passed — or 179 sleeps to be exact — and GTA IV will finally be released. In fact, some souls who can stay awake beyond the witching hour have no more sleeps to go and will, at this moment, be deciding whether they should go to the 24 hour Tesco or Asda.

Personally, I’m waiting until tomorrow morning, but I’ve the day off work and I plan to do absolutely … nothing … other than play GTA IV until either my eyes melt, an epileptic fit is enduced or I have to nip downstairs for a roll and square sausage. Probably the latter.

So, Reading Several, don’t expect too much in the way of posts over the next few days, unless the game is shite in which case, set your sleep count to one. Until the morrow, I’ll just need to make do with reviews, like this one:

Now, where did I put my Night Nurse?