It’s round about the time of year when football teams announce their new kit for the forthcoming season and Alloa are no exception. Thanks to Number One Wasp on Pie & Bovril for posting these pics of wing-wizard Mr Dougie Wilson in the new garb.

Here’s the first one:

Oo — isn’t it nice and clean! Short of the black on the sleeve and down the side and the slightly more thought out design of the MTE logo, there’s not much difference between it and this season’s version. After a few attempts at a non-hooped shirt, it’s good that the Wasp motif and tradition will be continuing into Season 2008/09. Well, it will, wont it? Surely there’ll be no surprises on the back …

… oh … look at all that black … that big, black panel … it’s still hooped, though, isn’t it? Okay, so it’s one really big gold hoop and one even big ger black hoop, but it’s still hooped. It’s still waspesque … just really close-up waspesque.

To be honest, I think it’s a cracking top and I will, of course, be happy to part with £29.99 to get my very own version of it.

Which brings me on to a favourite site of mine; Historical Kits. Basically, this guy’s collated every instance of every British team’s kit from the 19th Century to present day, complete with sponsor and manufacturer logo. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, you can really lose and hour or two here and it triggers memories of days gone by, when women came easy and neighbours were friends. Paddling journeys and kids on a river, seeking adventure or some pirate’s den.

Anyway, have a click and remind yourself of the Hitachi Liverpool kit from 1979. It makes me want Space Dust sherbet and traffic light lollipops for supper.