Up until this afternoon, I didn’t have much of an opinion of Kerry Katona. I mean, the Iceland adverts depress me and I was never much of an Atomic Kitten fan but she was inoffensive.

However, on a desk at work, I spied her on the front cover of OK! magazine, along with the headline, “I’m the most hated person in Britain.”


I didn’t pick up the mag to find out more (although the fact that it claims to be three mags in one, was intriguing — a veritable Russian Doll of a celeb mag), but as I went about my day, my mind kept coming back to it. How, I wondered, and when had she become the most hated person in Britain? What she had done to secure this position? Why had no one told me about this earlier?

I’ve managed to come up with the following Top Ten Factoids about Ms Katona:

  1. She used to be in Atomic Kitten.
  2. She used to be married to some bloke out of Westlife. Brian Something.
  3. She used to be on I’m A Celebrity. And she won. Good for her.
  4. She shops at Iceland or, at the very least, is comfortable endorsing their produce.
  5. According to Amnesty International, she’s allows — positively encourages, some would say — free press and isn’t a violator of Human Rights.
  6. Her views on Tibet aren’t widely known, but can be assumed to be moderate.
  7. She’s not involved in illegal whaling or badger baiting.
  8. She has lots of children. Like, millions of them, but ironically, she doesn’t get on with her own mum.
  9. Em … she used to be in Atomic Kitten.
  10. Did I mention that doofus from Westlife?

So, I’m left wondering how she’s the Most Hated Person In Britain as try as I might, I can only muster ambivalence towards her. I’m also left wondering if this is what it’s come to — that someone who used to be famous has to invent stories about themselves to ensure the country doesn’t do something even worse that hating them … forgetting they ever existed.